Paper Art

The Beauty of Calligraphy

Even before the invention of paper, calligraphy was an art practiced in the ancient world. There is some disagreement as to whether it was invented by the Chinese or the Sumerians, but the fact that it spread throughout the world is evident even today. While modern man has the ability to simply choose a font and print it, calligraphy remains in use for formal invitations and official documents in some areas of the world. It is a valuable skill for those who appreciate the art of the written word.

While many people admire it, few people really think about how much work goes into producing quality calligraphy. The artist must hand write each character, in whatever language they are using, with specialized tools. If the artist makes a mistake, they must begin again. Each character must be perfect to create an artistic piece, and any error will be obvious to those who specialize in this formal writing art.